"Glen Mitchell lives in Miami, a world where North America and Latin America meet and meld. His men have a sexuality that comes more from their own energy than from the viewer’s ideas about well-toned, perfectly shaved male bodies. His photographs remind us that erotic appeal is not so much about perfection as it is about potential possibilities. Glen Mitchell was introduced to photography while working as a model in New York. He makes his home with his partner of some years, Ian McMinn."
David Leddick, Author
The Nude Male

"He distinguishes his work by extending the spotlight to men who are not often given the stage except in bear culture and finds the common humanity in us all."
Tom Bianchi, Photographer
The Mammoth Book of Gorgeous Guys

"Glen’s oeuvre is unique in that his work engages with all aspects of queer life, aestheticizing men from different parts of the gay male community as sexual beings."
Roberto C. Ferrari, Author, Art Historian

“If Henri Cartier-Bresson had ever shot male nudes, the results would probably borne a resemblance to Glen Mitchell’s work. "
David Leddick, Author
Male Nude Now